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Q1. I want to buy goods from Taobao.com , but i don’t understand Chinese ? What to do ?

A: You can choose to use Google free online Translation Service from your language to Chinese. Then , you choose the right product line. OR you can choose to use our Personal Shopper Service , you just need to tell us the URL (link) , color and size that you want, the rest we will do it for you.

Q2. I want to buy goods from a China Website , but not in the recommended china website list that you mentioned. Can you help me to buy it?

A: Yes, we can help you to buy from any China’s Website. Just provide us the URL (link), quantity , types of goods you want.

Q3. The goods i want to buy is quite heavy and large in size , I don’t wish to waste my money to ship it by Air. Do you have any other option for me?

A: Yes, We can offer you to deliver your goods by Ship. But it takes time to reach your destination. 

Q4. Can i buy goods with Cash on Delivery to my own doorstep?

A: Sorry, We must not accept any payment terms of Cash on Delivery (C.O.D)

Q5. Can i cancel my order after i made the payment ?

A: Sorry , We cannot refund you the money because after you made the payment we will proceed your order within 24hour. 

Q6. Can i change the color or size?

A: Yes , we can try to help you tell seller your request. But this depends on the seller , if the seller already send out your parcel then you are not able to do any amendments. So please confirm the order before you make payment to us. Once we received your payment, we normally will buy within 24hour.

Q7. If i buy goods from 25 sellers and each comes with its own parcel box. Can i request to take the boxes out and pack into 1 big box in order to save weight?

A: Yes, we can do according to your request. But in this process if any lost or damaged , we will not responsible for it.You have to bear your won risk. 

Q8. If the parcels are get TAX  or Custom withhold , will you refund for me?

A: No , Please be noted that the price stated NOT included Tax and Duty.

Q9. I want to cancel my order, can you please refund my money?

A: Order cancel by the buyer is NOT refundable.

Q10. I want to buy goods from China and use your Personal Shopper Service but I am not stay in Malaysia. Can i still buy and use your services?

A: Yes, you can still use our service and we can deliver your goods to your own destination. Just tell us the destination and we will quote you the shipping rate.


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