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Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight

actual vs volume1

Logistics fee based on the highest price of actual weight or volume of goods as the unit.

Example ︰ actual weight of the goods is 3.7 kg (KG), but the volume weight is length × width × height / 6000 = 6.6 kg (KG), the logistics fee will use 7 kilograms (KG) as the unit. 


什么是“抛重”呢?就是所谓的Volume Metric。


物品的实际重量:3.7 kg


抛重的重量= (45*25*35)/6000= 6.56kg

所以例子1的空运费是以6.56kg来计算.我们是收 7kg的邮费。




抛重的重量= (45*20*30)/6000= 4.5 kg

所以例子2 的空运费就是以实际的重量10kg来计算。...

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Logistics Terms and Conditions

Before use Funocean Logistics services, please read the terms and conditions. Once you have made the order, means that you have agree with our terms and conditions.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Funocean logistics transit station must not accept any payment term of Cash on delivery (C.O.D).
  2. Funocean logistics transit station never accepts any goods delivery by ordinary post, without checking or tracking system.
  3. Funocean logistics transit station only accepts and processes the goods issued by a shop and a waybill number with a customer’s good.
  4. All first or additional weight less than 1 kg (KG), will be counted as 1 kilogram (KG).
  5. Example 1: The total weight of all goods is 0.99 kilograms (KG), order will count it as 1 kilogram (KG).
  6. Example 2: The total weight of all goods is 1...
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Standard Prohibited and Restricted Items




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